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E-BIKE Tours: Relaxed cycling in Germany and Beyond!

Our E-BIKE tours have changed how cyclists of different abilities can discover the world together. We’re proud to have a special selection of guided E-Bike tours in Germany and Beyond. We have the newest EBIKEs in our storage because we know that travelers like you enjoy a unique, memorable and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Advantages of a terranova Ebike trip

  • Enjoyable cycling holidays on the latest E-BIKEs
  • All of our E-BIKEs are equipped with Bosch Electric Bike Motors   
  • Guided tours with two terranova tourguides
  • Longer bike routes
  • Mountainous regions are becoming accessible

Our E-BIKEs:

Most modern E-BIKES

travelling with terranova, your E-BIKE will be epowered by Bosch. The E-BIKE is one of the most agile, comfortable and simply smartest vehicles of our time. With positive impact on our health, environment, and society. The modern components of the Bosch drive systems represent the foundation for all our E-BIKEs.

Bosch Engine

Bosch Active Line is the drive-unit for all our E-BIKEs. Its reduced weight and low centre of gravity provide for safe handling. Without any disturbing extraneous noises, you can experience pure riding enjoyment with gentle support up to 20 mph.

Easy handling

Our EBIKEs can be controlled easily and intuitively. Thanks to the separate control unit, your hands remain securely on the handlebar at all times, while the shift recommendation means you always pedal in the correct gear. This preserves the battery and increases your range. With the Bosch display you always have all riding data clearly in sight.

France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat

Through the valley of the Rhône & Saône with Bike & Boat on board of the STELLA In the course of this trip you will pass through rugged, white limestone gorges as well as Burgundy, ...

Apulia | Italy | Guided Biketour

Between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas With soft, flowing forms, perhaps a bit sluggish and sluggish, “La Puglia” nestles against the rugged land of the Apennines, and, wide open on all sides, ...

Netherlands | Rhine River biketour | Bike & Boat

Easy biking with E-Motion in Waterland This e-bike cruise on A-ROSA's new E-Motion ship SENA combines a sustainable cruise with carefully planned cycling and cultural excursions in a relaxed ...

Germany | Moselle river biketour| Bike & Boat

The most romantic river landscapes in Germany. The Tour by Bike an d Boat goes along the winding course of the Moselle from Koblenz to Trier and back again. On carefully selected cycle routes, ...

Tuscany | Italy | Guided Ebiketour

Highlights of southern Tuscany:   Etruscan and Roman remains, medieval villages, gentle hills, the turquois ocean and distinguished wines. The almost unknown region Maremma, located in the ...

France | Seine River Biketour | Bike & Boat

In the footsteps of the Impressionists from Paris to Normandy The Seine meanders picturesquely in wide loops through the Ile de France and Normandy to the sea, an umbilical cord that connects ...

Netherlands & Belgium | Rhine River biketour | Bike & Boat

Gabled houses, canals and Van Gogh The EBIKE cruise with the A-ROSA AQUA combines the relaxed and eventful journey on a spacious cruise ship with planned e-bike excursions. This trip leads ...


On idyllic pathways to magnificent French castles Gliding through the eternal gardens of France on an e-bike: The Loire meanders through a graceful, gentle landscape with blooming ornamental ...

Austria | Danube River Biketour | Bike & Boat

Through the old austrian empire  The Habsburg Empire along the Danube, from Passau via Vienna to Budapest by bike & boat: The journey leads through 4 countries and the core of the old ...