Activity level: How fit do I have to be?

To the question "How hard is a tour?" we would always have to ask you, "How fit are you?" Because what you perceive as difficult or easy depends on your fitness level. But please remember: on a terranova tour by bike, you don't have to meet any competitive sporting requirements. On our guided bike tours you can always use the services of the accompanying Mercedes-bus. It allows you to hop on and ride along whenever you feel like it.

Our routes are always away from big roads, mostly on forest and meadow paths or small roads with little traffic. We choose them very carefully and check them regularly. There are hardly any long climbs with us. Instead, on our guided bike tours, you ride uphill in a bus or take a hike on foot. At the top the bikes are ready again. In this way, you cover between 30 and 70 km in one day, unencumbered. We will be happy to answer your questions about the demands of our tours by phone (+49 - 69 69 30 54) or by e-mail:

    Without significant demands, well suited for all everyday cyclists who have little practice and who may have never participated in a trip on a bike before.
    Low demands, flat to slightly hilly terrain. This can easily be done by anyone who regularly cycles at home.
    For riders who want to do something more for their fitness: medium requirements, hilly terrain with mountainous sections. Occasional longer climbs also with lengths of more than 300 meters. On our guided cycling tours you can spare yourself some climbs if you use the services of our accompanying bus from time to time.
    None of this year's terranova tours can be considered difficult.