France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat

France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat

8 Days
14.09.2024 - 21.09.2024
from 3445 €
pro Person

Through the valley of the Rhône & Saône with Bike & Boat on board of the STELLA

Throughout this journey, you'll traverse rugged, white limestone gorges, meander through the vineyard-lined landscapes of Burgundy with its golden-hued villages, and immerse yourself in the aromatic scents of lavender and gorse in the Ardèche region. Cycling along tranquil paths amidst olive groves, you'll encounter ornate Romanesque churches that bear witness to the rich history of Provence.

The iconic Pont d'Avignon awaits, alongside the historic city of the anti-popes. Explore the most significant Roman remains in Arles, including its awe-inspiring amphitheater, where Van Gogh once found inspiration amidst the Provencal flair and picturesque landscapes.

After an eventful day of cycling with the assistance of e-bikes, returning to the comfort of your cabin aboard the ship is a welcome respite. In the evening, indulge in a delicious dinner at the onboard restaurant, where you can unwind and soak in the breathtaking views of the southern French landscape passing by outside the windows.



  • Lyon with old town (world cultural heritage)
  • spectacular cycling routes in Provence, Burgundy and Ardèche Region
  • Arles, Avignon and Châteauneuf, epitome of the south of France
  • Cluny Abbey - cradle of the Romanesque 
  • Accommodations on the Stella, state of the art cruise ship
  • Stress-free battery-assisted cycling with a support vehicle



  • Day 1: Lyon
  • Day 2: Châlon sûr Saône - Cormatin | 26 mi. (42 km)
  • Day 3: Mâcon - Cluny - Trévoux | 34 mi. (54 km)
  • Day 4: Lyon City Tour, 1,8 mi. (3 km Walking distance)
  • Day 5: Avignon - Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 26 mi. (42 km)
  • Day 6: Avignon - St. Remy - Arles, 27 mi. (43 km)
  • Day 7: The Ardèche Gorge, 16 mi. (27 km)
  • Day 8: Departure or extension in Lyon

E-BIKE-TRIP ROUTE ASSESSMENT: The total distance by e-bike and on foot is approx. 163 miles (263 km). Most of the cycle routes run on car-free cycle paths and side streets with little traffic. The paths are easy to master for everyone. 2 bike stages lead through hilly Burgundy. Alternatively, part of the route can also be taken in the accompanying bus.

*All distances are approximate. The itinerary is subject to change, at times without prior notice. Some waterways may be subject to occasional closures due to drought, storms, floods, canal or lock repairs, or other unforeseen circumstances that make navigation unsafe or impossible. The captain reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary.

Day 1: Lyon
At 4:00 p.m., your guides will eagerly await your arrival in Lyon, where you'll be warmly welcomed aboard. Once you've settled into your cabin, your guide will introduce the tour, providing insights and details about the exciting journey ahead. If the weather permits, this welcome session may take place on the sun deck, allowing you to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the scenic views.

Afterwards, savor the first sumptuous dinner on board as the ship gracefully sets sail northward on the tranquil waters of the Saône River. Departure from Lyon is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., marking the beginning of your enchanting voyage towards Burgundy.

As evening descends, immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of Lyon's old town with a panoramic drive, allowing you to admire the city's historic landmarks and charming streets illuminated against the night sky. It's a delightful introduction to the rich culture and beauty awaiting you on this unforgettable journey.

Day 2: THE WATER CASTLES OF SOUTHERN BURGUNDY | Approx. 26 miles / 42 km
At noon, the ship reaches the northernmost point of our voyage, Châlon-sur-Saône. Our first e-bike stage takes us through an area nestled in the triangle between Châlon, Cormatin, and Tournus, forming a cohesive cultural and geographical unit. In delightful succession, we encounter castles, Romanesque churches, and charming villages connected by a former railway line, now transformed into a scenic "voie verte" or green cycle path.

Continuing along this magnificent route until lunchtime, we reach a true hidden gem: the pleasure palace of Cormatin. Built in the 17th century, this castle is surrounded by a moat, nestled amidst a small park adorned with lush lawns and meticulously manicured gardens in the English style.

In the afternoon, our route takes us through gently undulating hill country. Following an ascent with panoramic views of the Brancion fortress, we are rewarded with stunning vistas over the valley. For those who prefer, our escort bus is available to assist with part of the stage.

Our final leg of the journey brings us back down into the Saône Valley in an exhilarating descent. From afar, the striking outlines of the priory church of St. Philibert in Tournus come into view. During a guided tour, we explore this jewel of Romanesque architecture, founded in the early 9th century by monks fleeing Viking raids inland.

At St. Philibert, we witness the foundational elements of French architecture, including the birth of the two-tower facade and the first self-supporting vault of post-antiquity. As the day draws to a close, a short transfer returns us to Châlon-sur-Saône, where we can reflect on the day's discoveries and adventures.

Day 3: THE CRADLE OF ROMANICS AND THE CLUNY ABBEY | Approx. 33 miles / 54 km
While you slept, the ship sailed southward and now finds itself moored on the quay walls of the charming city of Mâcon, nestled in the heart of southern Burgundy. Each May, this city hosts an important wine fair, where the finest wines are awarded the prestigious Médailles d'Or. As you awake, your e-bikes await you nearby the jetty, ready for another day of exploration.

Setting off from the village of Mâcon, you'll ascend a hill before embarking on a scenic route with panoramic views of the iconic rock of Solutré. This impressive natural monument, which graced a French special postage stamp in 1985, was even climbed by former President François Mitterand on several occasions. Continuing on, you'll encounter the mighty Berzé-le-Châtel castle, a formidable fortress that once served to safeguard the Cluisois and Grosne valleys to the south.

After a well-deserved rest, you'll journey through a bicycle tunnel before arriving in Cluny, the foremost center of Benedictine monasticism in 11th-century Europe. Despite its current state of ruin, Cluny's imposing monastery complex remains a testament to its former grandeur, with our knowledgeable local guide leading a detailed tour of the site and its excavations.

Later in the afternoon, a transfer will whisk you away to Trévoux, where the ship will dock to pick up day-trippers. After dinner, the STELLA will set sail back to Lyon, where it will remain moored overnight, allowing you the opportunity to leisurely explore the city's narrow streets after dinner, immersing yourself in its vibrant atmosphere.

After a hearty breakfast, embark on a captivating sightseeing tour of Lyon, often hailed as the gateway to the south and the clandestine capital of gourmets. Here, the Saône River merges with the Rhône, dividing the city center into two distinct parts: a bustling area adorned with splendid 19th-century facades, and the picturesque old town of St. Jean.

In St. Jean, you'll discover the Renaissance houses once inhabited by affluent cloth merchants and bankers. While outwardly unassuming, these buildings reveal their true magnificence within, with inner courtyards accessible through narrow passages known as "Traboules." These passages served as escape routes during times of conflict, reflecting Lyon's rich history of feuds between citizens and bishops, as well as religious strife between Catholics and Protestants.

A trading hub of significance since Roman times, Lyon has long been discreet about its wealth. However, connoisseurs are aware that some bourgeois apartments house paintings by renowned artists such as Gauguin and Cézanne, concealed from external view like ordinary department store wall calendars. Lyon's distinctive atmosphere has earned it recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After your exploration, return to the ship for a delightful lunch on board. As the ship sets sail from Lyon, heading southward, you can relish the leisurely passing cityscape with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, or perhaps indulge in an aperitif. Alternatively, pamper yourself with a rejuvenating session in the onboard spa, immersing yourself in relaxation as you continue your journey through the picturesque landscapes of southern France.

Day 5: WINE FROM CHÂTEAUNEUF & BRIDGE FROM AVIGNON | Approx. 22 miles / 35 km
In the morning, indulge in the serene beauty of the passing landscape from the sun deck as the STELLA gently navigates its course. As the late morning approaches, the ship makes a stop not far from the renowned vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, where your bikes await you at the jetty.

Embark on a leisurely cycle to the charming town center of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, where you'll delve into the intricate process of producing the region's exquisite red wines during a delightful wine tasting experience. Afterward, following a refreshing lunch break, bid farewell to the world-famous vineyards and pedal through the fertile fruit and vegetable growing region.

As you traverse the landscape, you'll pass by one of the largest islands in the Rhône, continuing on comfortable paths towards the celebrated bridge of Avignon. Behold the iconic "Pont d’Avignon," a symbol of the city's medieval festivities where joyous parties once thrived beneath its arches. Interestingly, did you know that the famous song "Sur le pont d’Avignon" should technically be called "Sous le pont d’Avignon"?

Upon reaching Avignon, the ship will remain moored overnight, allowing you ample time to wander the narrow streets of this historic city before dinner. Explore the quaint boutiques and soak in the enchanting ambiance as you immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Avignon.

Day 6: AVIGNON AND ROMAN AMPHITHEATER | Approx. 27 miles / 43 km
In the morning, immerse yourself in the rich history of Avignon with a captivating city tour. Discover how, for nearly 70 years, the popes resided not in Rome, but within the secluded gardens of Cathedral Hill, where they experienced what is known as the "Babylonian captivity" during the period of the anti-popes.

Following the city tour, hop onto your e-bikes at the gates of Avignon and journey towards the quaint town of St. Remy de Provence. This picturesque town holds significance as the place where Vincent Van Gogh resided for a period in a privately-run clinic, housed within a former convent. After a delightful lunch in St. Rémy, continue your exploration to the monumental art center, Carrières de Lumières, nestled amidst the stunning Alpilles.

Every year, this art center presents a spectacular show featuring the works of renowned artists from throughout history. Following your visit, wind your way along small branch routes out of the Alpilles and descend into the fertile alluvial land of the Rhône. Pass through charming Provençal villages, meander alongside fields of wheat and sunflowers, and ultimately arrive in Arles.

Arles, a Roman residence city, boasts a magnificent amphitheater in its city center, renowned as one of the best-preserved in France. Today, bloodless bullfights still take place within its historic walls. Meanwhile, your ship has sailed on to Arles and now lies directly in front of the mighty city gate that opens onto the riverbank. This provides you with the option to explore the ornate Romanesque portal of the Saint Trophime cathedral or savor an espresso in the famed Café de la Nuit, immortalized by van Gogh.

Day 7: THE WILD GORGE OF THE ARDÈCHE  | Approx. 16 miles / 27 km
In the gentle morning light, the vineyards of the Côtes du Rhône and the renowned "Crozes Hermitages" unfold before you, painting a picturesque scene. Today, a bus will transport you to the breathtaking Ardèche gorge, offering one of the most captivating cycling routes on our itinerary. Along the journey, your knowledgeable guide will regale you with the fascinating history of the UNESCO World Heritage cave systems and their Stone Age settlements.

Upon reaching a high plateau, your e-bikes await, ready to lead you on an exploration of the garrigue landscape. Meander through lavender fields and holm oak forests until the stunning Ardèche river gorge suddenly reveals itself. Carved up to 300 meters deep into the rock, the river has created a majestic landscape of winding cliffs and caves, offering breathtaking panoramic views along the scenic road that traces its edge. Here, you'll encounter impressive evidence of our ancestors, including rock paintings found within the caves.

You'll have the opportunity to explore one such cave system, delving deep into the rock to uncover its secrets. By noon, you'll return to the comfort of the ship, where you can spend a leisurely afternoon on the spacious sun deck or indulge in relaxation in the onboard spa.

As evening falls, savor an exquisite final dinner in the wine bar aboard the STELLA, enjoying the finest culinary delights. Meanwhile, the ship will set sail back to Lyon overnight, concluding your unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of southern France.

As the morning light gently illuminates Lyon, your ship docks once again in this vibrant city. After enjoying a delightful breakfast on board, it's time to bid farewell to your floating home. Around 9 a.m., disembark from the ship to begin the next leg of your journey.

For those who arrived by plane, a convenient transfer service will be available to transport you to the airport at a fixed time, albeit at an additional cost. Alternatively, if you arrived by car, your tour guide will assist in coordinating the drive to the parking garage, ensuring a seamless transition as you conclude your unforgettable adventure through the captivating landscapes of France.

We kindly ask for your understanding that changes to the timetable and program may occur. Factors such as high and low tide, maintenance work, and waiting times at locks and bridges can necessitate adjustments at short notice. In rare instances of high or low tide or force majeure, certain parts of the route may need to be covered by alternative transportation such as bus or train. Additionally, in individual cases, hotel accommodation may be required. Rest assured, our priority is to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey, and we will strive to minimize any disruptions to your experience. Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation.

E-BIKE-TRIP ROUTE ASSESSMENT: The total distance by e-bike and on foot is approx. 163 miles (263 km). Most of the cycle routes run on car-free cycle paths and side streets with little traffic. The paths are easy to master for everyone. 2 bike stages lead through hilly Burgundy. Alternatively, part of the route can also be taken in the accompanying bus.


dates & prices
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14.09.2024 - 21.09.2024
8 Days
14.09.2024 - 21.09.2024 | 8 Days
Accommodation - STELLA Rhone River Cruise Ship Details
Cabin Category A double-use / per person
3445 €
Cabin Category A single-use
4735 €
Cabin Category C double-use / per person
3845 €
Cabin Category C single-use
5375 €
Cabin Category D double-use / per person
4045 €
Cabin Category D single-use
5695 €
added options / discounts
Rental helmet
10 € mehr Infos
Do you need a helmet?

More and more cyclists are realizing that wearing a helmet can increase their own safety. The decision to wear a helmet is at your own discretion. Just as you are responsible for complying with the road traffic regulations, this also applies to wearing a protective helmet.

We offer you a rental helmet for EUR 10 if you reserve it with us (2-3 weeks before the start of your journey)!

Transfer from Lyon Airport to boat:
50 € mehr Infos
1 - 3 ppl. with luggage (car) per group.

Please note that transfer reservations must be made well in advance of your tour date. Transfer distance is 19 mi. (30 km) and transfer time is 30-35 minutes of travel.

Transfer from the boat to Lyon Airport
50 € mehr Infos
1 - 3 ppl. with luggage (car) per group.

Please note that transfer reservations must be made well in advance of your tour date. Transfer distance is 19 mi. (30 km) and transfer time is 30 - 35 minutes of travel.

accomodation / hotels
Accommodation - STELLA Rhone River Cruise Ship weniger Infos
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat
France | Rhone River Biketour | Bike & Boat

The STELLA is a ship with excellent comfort! The modern river cruise ship with lots of space offers a generous design of the public areas: a spacious sun deck with outdoor pool, shuffleboard and putting green on the upper deck, among other things, bar, café, lounge, indoor and outdoor restaurant, plus fitness and SPA area with panoramic sauna, Finnish Sauna and various massage and beauty treatments.

All cabins A (14.5 sqm) are outside and spacious, modern and comfortably furnished. They are equipped with individually adjustable air conditioning, bath / toilet, telephone, television and hairdryer. The windows on the C-deck with the French balcony can be opened.

Ship details of the STELLA

  • Passengers: max. 174 guests
  • Cabins: 86 outside cabins
  • Length x width: 125.8 m x 11.4 m
  • Speed: max. 24 km / h
  • Drive: two times 800 kW / a total of 2,174 hp
  • Shipyard: Neptun Werft GmbH, Warnemünde
  • Year of construction: 2005
  • Flag: Switzerland

Deck plans

Deck 1: cabin categories S and A

Deck 2: cabin category C

Deck 3: cabin category D

Deck 4: sundeck



  • Spacious sun deck with a relaxed atmosphere
  • Sufficient loungers, parasols and sails
  • Heatable outdoor pool with countercurrent system
  • Shuffleboard, putting green and large figure chess
  • Outside restaurant on the back deck
  • Coffee specialties, wines, refreshments at the café bar
  • Panorama lounge with bar and dance floor
  • Stylish, casual dress code


Full board plus:

  • Varied buffets with live cooking every day
  • freshly prepared regional and seasonal specialties
  • Afternoon: cake buffet with coffee and tea
  • Mineral water with main meals
  • Specialty evenings
  • Free meal times and free choice of table in the market restaurant, the day lounge and the outdoor restaurant
  • Wine menu tailored to the region
  • Wine & Dine arrangement can be booked on board: exclusive 5-course dinner with corresponding wines
  • BBQ buffet on the aft deck (weather permitting)


  • Generously proportioned, comfortable cabins, mostly with a French balcony
  • Elegant design and fine materials create a feel-good atmosphere
  • Equipment: Safe, air conditioning, TV, fly screen, hairdryer, shower / toilet, sauna towel, wool blanket, telephone, bathrobe on request


  • Large selection of beauty and body treatments with high-quality products
  • Professionally trained SPA and beauty team
  • Panorama sauna and bio sauna
  • Fitness room with modern cardio equipment: cross trainer, ergometer and treadmill
  • Experience showers and relaxation room
  • Further information on the ship's equipment and the many services included can be found in the detailed travel information, which you can request without obligation.
Extra Info | terranova customer reviews
    Rating a tour is one of the most difficult things we do. The bike route takes you through the picturesque wine-growing landscape of the Rhone and Saone Valleys along the steeply terraced slopes. The total distance by e-bike is 163 miles (263 km). Although the south of France is very mountainous, the routes are not particularly strenuous as you often start with the e-bike above the river valleys and ride a lot more downhill than uphill. Mostly you cycle on rural country roads with light traffic. All gradients are easy to ride with e-bikes! On an electric bike, we are giving this tour an easy to moderate rating. On your premium pedelec equipped with Bosch or Shimano mid-mounted motor, you can decide how much assistance you require. The difficulty rating will be entirely up to you.
    Fly to Lyon (LYS) or Paris Airport
    The official name for Lyon's airport is “Lyon Saint-Exupéry” (LYS) and is located around 20 miles (32km) southeast from Lyon city centre. The only official way to get from Lyon airport to the city centre by public transport is with the Rhonexpress tram, otherwise it's by private transfer. The Rhônexpress is tram shuttle service that goes between Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport and Lyon’s Part-Dieu train station. The tram stop can be found in the St Exupery train station. The shuttle runs every 15 minutes, and will take around 30 minutes. Full-price tickets cost €16.10/€27.80, with cheaper rates if you buy online or are under 25. Children under 12 travel free. Tickets can be purchased online, from machines at the airport/tram stops or from the on-board conductor (€4 fee). The machines and conductor accept all major bank cards and cash (euros). At the Gare de Lyon Part-Dieu, the tram stop is outside the station. But be aware: there are two exits. Follow the signs inside for the Rhônexpress (Porte Alpes) and it will be on your right as you exit. If you find yourself by the metro station, then you need to be on the other side.

    Please book your flight so that you arrive at Lyon airport no later than 3 pm, otherwise, you run the risk of yourself arriving too late at the meeting point on board the ship (5 pm) and unable to take part in the panorama tour.
    The weather in Burgundy and Provence can be capricious. Hot days can be exhausting even with an e-bike. During the day, the climate is usually pleasantly warm. In the evening it can get noticeably cooler. Sometimes there is a strong freshening wind in the mountains. Occasionally the warm Scirocco wind comes from North Africa. It blows constantly from the south and sometimes brings moisture with it. In addition to clothing for dinner and cycling clothes, swimwear should not be missing in your luggage.
    This tour offers an optional CO2 compensation program for a supplement through Atmosfair, a non-profit climate protection organization with a focus on travel. Your voluntary contribution will provide for the expansion of renewable energies in countries where they are scarcely available. See pricing.
    Due to the changing requirements for entry, it is imperative that you stay up to date on requirements set by the country/countries that you are visiting. Please visit our Travel Restrictions Tool page and the country/countries government webpage for this information.

    Documents: Before you travel, please check the passport and visa requirements of the country/countries you plan to visit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have proper identification. For US citizens, the U.S. Passports & International Travel website is a good source of information. The Country Information tab provides details about passport validity, blank passport pages required, etc. It is important to research before you travel as airlines will not permit boarding if you do not have the required valid documents.

    We recommend that you make copies of your important documents and papers (insurance cards, etc.). Leave a copy at home and have a copy with you. In the unfortunate situation that you lose your original documents, having copies facilitates the replacement process.

    *Important note: Please check on the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) status as once implemented, this will be required to visit any of the 26 Schengen-member countries for tourism, business, medical, or transit. This is an additional check on security rather than a visa.
  • Insurance: Before traveling, we strongly recommend you review your personal insurance and health insurance to ensure you have coverage appropriate to meet your needs, and the needs of your family and dependants, in case of any loss of property or illness, injury, or death.


  • couple B. from Halle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    "The bike trails were well maintained and the guides were very helpful. The overnight stays on the boat were very comfortable and the food was delicious. I can recommend this trip to anyone who enjoys cycling and wants to discover the beauty of France."
  • couple G. from Bad Waldsee" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    The Rhone River bike tour in France was really great. We explored the beautiful countryside along the river by bike and visited many historic towns and charming villages. The guides were knowledgeable and told us a lot about the region. We slept very comfortably on the boat and enjoyed delicious food."



What’s Included

  • Accommodation for 7 nights in selected category of cabin
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch as a picnic buffet or as a buffet on board according to the program
  • 7 multi-course dinners buffet style
  • All drinks are included on this trip, with the exception of champagne, bottled wine, and exclusive rarities
  • Free use of on-board facilities such as sauna and fitness area
  • 15% discount on treatments in the SPA
  • Bathroom amenities, bathrobe and bottled water in the cabin
  • Children up to 15 years of age travel free of charge when accompanied by at least one adult supervising them
  • Expertise and services of our experienced Trip Leaders
  • Support van for shuttles and services along the route
  • Electric bike
  • Guided visits with local guides and entrance fees to Lyon, Cluny & Avignon
  • Bodega tour and wine tasting in Châteauneuf du Pape
  • All transfers as indicated in the itinerary
  • Departure airport transfer
  • All port and passenger fees (tourist taxes)
  • CO2 compensation of the terranova excursion program

What’s Not Included

  • Helmet
  • Gratuities
  • Bike protection
  • Travel Insurance


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We personalize your travel experience:
Our tours go beyond the typical off-the-shelf options. Every tour-detail has been meticulously explored, scrutinized, and firsthand experienced. Prior to featuring a trip in our program, we conduct on-site evaluations of each element to ensure its suitability. We only present trips that not only align with our high standards but also meet our personal criteria."


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